The Collapse

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The Collapse is an apocalyptic story for readers who enjoy action, politics, and the heroism of a desperate resistance. It is a cautionary tale of Canada’s fate as an anti-industrial frenzy consumes politicians and courts.

Today, extremists and radicals attack industry. Indifferent judges cave in to Indigenous demands to block development over vast tracts of land. Craven politicians fawn over industry while inflicting regulations to stop it. Pipelines, logging, mining, manufacturing, even agriculture grind to a halt. Violent demonstrations are met with ruthless force. Todd Baxter resolves to stop the decay.

But twenty years on, most cities and towns are abandoned and crumbling as the war against industry and development succeeded. Citizens of a once thriving Canada endure subsistence living and fear a brutal paramilitary force that tortures and kills dissidents. Darius, a child at the start of The Collapse, joins a growing resistance movement of members who are willing to fight—and die—for their freedom.

Will Todd and Darius triumph? Will Canada rise again?

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